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At Whitesands Treatment Center, we have a highly experienced staff of board certified doctors, nurses, medical psychiatrists and addiction counselors who provide high-quality care. Together, we design an integrated treatment plan that will help end the fight with drug and alcohol addiction.
Our state of the art treatment centers promise compassionate care and a welcoming community where healing can begin on the very day you or your loved one join us. We place a strong emphasis on family involvement, and help the family to cope with the damage and confusion addiction causes. We place a strong emphasis on family involvement and help the families of addicts to cope with the damage and confusion that addiction can cause.
Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment, a Cleansing of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit Struggling with alcohol or drug dependency and going through drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation to achieve long-term recovery can be the most difficult challenge an individual will ever have to face or overcome in their life. You face not only your chemical dependency to the drug but also mental and social addiction that sometimes spans decades in some individuals. Trying to heal the body from the dangerous disease, while also learning those skills necessary to move forward into recovery, can be exhausting. We have created an alcohol and drug treatment facility that is not only on the cutting edge of drug treatment modality but also serene and home-like. Our beautiful Florida drug treatment center is where both detoxification and treatment takes place. Patients will spend their detoxification period under medical observation before being moved to our unique, holistic community environment. Patients will be able to heal from their addiction in privacy and with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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