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Our Mission

Empowering individuals and families
in sustaining lifelong recovery,
while striving to meet their highest potential

Core Beliefs

Personal Frontiers believes that every person possesses the inherent capacity to change. We believe that every person should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their current or past choices. We believe that every person should be provided opportunities for change that are life enhancing.
Our primary commitment is to the general well-being and welfare of our clients, their families and the community. We are client centered, believing that affected persons and families have a capacity and ability to change and that our job is to assist them in developing a personal program of recovery and mental health. Programs are based on the idea that recovery is a process for some clients. Our job is to help clients nurture willingness to change and assist them in finding the skills and direction they need to sustain a change.
We ensure that a distinction is always drawn between what a person does and who they are. We strive to foster maximum self-determination on the part of the client and staff. We promote healthy and safe choices that are life enhancing. We respect privacy by holding personal information confidential. We identify a person’s skills, assets, deficiencies, and problems within a holistic concept. We engage in personal and professional practices that do not exclude, stigmatize or stereotype. We strive to reduce barriers for those seeking treatmnet or continuing care. We provide evidence-based treatment that utilizes divers modalities and multiple community resources. We ensure that services are purposeful and appropriate to the needs of the client. We ensure that a client’s goals, objectives, and progress are defined, measured, and monitored. We present information in terms that are clear, understandable, and useful. WE seek to understand unfamiliar philosophies, strategies, models and belief systems. We act in accordance with the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

Personal Frontiers Inc is a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center. Call today for help and start your journey towards life long sobriety.

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