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A Drug Rehab and Residential Treatment Center located in Northeast PA,
Clearbrook offers a Medical Detox and Clinical Rehabilitation from alcohol and drugs.
Situated over a cascade of mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Clearbrook Treatment Centers also known as Wilkes-Barre Treatment offers a panoramic view of the historic Wyoming Valley. The glorious landscape surrounding the Manor complements our drug and alcohol treatment program. Whether greeted by summer green or autumn gold, visitors leave the Center with the feeling that they have been somewhere special. Our Residential building features a 22-bed detoxification unit, with a free standing sub-acute medical station staffed by trained nurses. Along with the detox unit, there are 46-beds for our primary care program where patients feel the warmth and comfort and can begin the journey of recovery with our 28-day treatment program.

Our Mission: Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

The mission of the alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs at Clearbrook Treatment Centers is to help the alcohol/drug dependent person achieve two long-term goals: abstinence from all mood-altering chemicals and a new way of living, free from the mental obsession. The final realization of these long-term goals is a lifelong pursuit. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Pennsylvania is viewed as only the beginning of what must be a continued effort to maintain the lifestyle conducive to remaining free from all mood-altering chemicals.  
For more than 40 years, Clearbrook Treatment Centers have been the national leader of the “Patients Come First” philosophy of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We believe our patients and their families are the most valuable aspect. We act on their behalf, and always advocate for their best interests. We believe in putting our patients’ needs first! 
Clearbrook is a nationally recognized leader for the treatment of all individuals suffering from alcoholism and chemical dependency. An unyielding commitment to excellence and cost-effective healthcare provides our patients and their family members the opportunity for a successful outcome. We are dedicated to maintaining the finest inpatient care and quality treatment at Clearbrook Treatment Centers. As our leadership responds to local, regional, and national needs, our model of corporate citizenry emphasizes our relationships with our neighbors, the community at large, and those that regulate our industry. 
In addition, Clearbrook Treatment Centers values excellence, passion, and expertise in our staff members.  We encourage our employees to constantly grow and develop through on-site training programs and continuing education initiatives, all to help our patients understand and successfully overcome addiction. 

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