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Acqua Recovery is dedicated to improving the lives of our clients by providing the perfect setting for recovery. Our residential rehab center in Midway, Utah offers comprehensive and effective addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as mental health conditions.

Addiction recovery is continuously evolving in today’s world. Therefore, at Acqua Recovery, we take a holistic addiction treatment approach. With this approach, we treat the mind, body, and spirit through innovative and experiential therapies.
Treatment should always include evidence-based modalities. However, Acqua Recovery recognizes that addiction treatment is much more than traditional therapy. For your best possible chance at sobriety, a holistic addiction treatment approach will include treatment that provides total healing and wellness.

What is a Holistic Addiction Treatment Approach?

You may be wondering, what is holistic addiction treatment? In fact, this approach considers the whole person. This includes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Therefore, treating one without the others may lead to further addiction or relapse after rehab.
At Acqua Recovery, we strive to ensure you won’t struggle with complications of relapse after you leave our facility. Additionally, with a holistic addiction treatment approach, you can rest easily knowing your treatment is geared to covering all aspects of your addiction.

Find Your Path at Acqua Recovery

With the guidance of our clinical team, you can create your own path to recovery. In addition, we will support your growth in sobriety while providing the treatments and amenities you deserve to focus on sobriety.
There are many reasons to seek help for addiction at a Utah drug rehab center. Addiction is a disease that causes users to compulsively seek and abuse a psychoactive substance in order to obtain its effects. If you’ve been abusing for long, you know that these urges are extremely difficult to fight. Even people who want to get clean find their resolve slipping when addiction cravings spike.
Because of addiction’s powerful nature, many people relapse one or more times before finally getting sober. If you fall back into the cycle of abuse during or after rehab, it doesn’t mean that you have failed. It just means that you need to keep working to achieve total and long-lasting results.

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